• Why has my card been declined?

    There can been several reasons why your card has been refused such as the use of a wrong PIN. For further details, please contact your card issuer.

  • What happens when I receive an order?

    Depending on your preferences, you’ll receive an email, mobile app notification, or RSS notification every time you receive an order.

  • Warranty

  • How can I cancel my order?

    To make sure you receive your items as fast as possible, we start processing your order as soon as we receive it. This means that once your order has been placed, you will be unable to cancel it.

  • Are your prices negotiable?

    Our prices have already been discounted to make them as competitive as possible. The prices are not negotiable.

  • How can I change my order?

    Unfortunately, once you’ve placed your order, it is not possible to amend any details, as our warehouse team will have already started processing your order

  • What if I cannot find my particular product on (

    If we do not currently have your particular item, please inform us as we are always looking to broaden our product selection and keep our customers satisfied. However, we have a variety of other products that are similar to what you want.